Duomo of Milan
Courtyard in Milan
Shop window in Milan
Art Nouveau in Milan
Bagatti Valsecchi Museum - courtyard
The Gallery of Milan
Cafe in Milan
Old trolley in Milan
Catwalks and style
Catwalks in Milan
Milan really does create image and new trends ....
The Temple of Music
La Scala Operahouse in Milan
... where every theatre artist wishes to perform.
Elegance in architecture
Art Nouveau in Milan
...the most joyful and amusing styles of architecture..
Dreamy interiors
Private court garden in Milan
...extravagant and sophisticated dynasties ...
Reflections of beauty
The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael in Brera, Milan
We'll enjoy one of the finest art collections in the world...
The roots of Milan
Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Milan
... the roots of Christianity and tollerance...

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The beauty of Milan


Think of fashion and design and “Milano” suddenly appears from out of your imagination. It creates style and new trends, and it's the powerful economic and cultural hub of Italy but you'll soon discover that there's much more to it than that.

Designed by artists, admired by intellectuals, beloved by musicians, it was forged by 2,500 years of history and passion. Founded by the Celts, tuned by the Romans into the Capital of the Western Empire and eventually conquered by the French, Spanish and Austrians, Milan has always derived its magnetic effect from its strategic location on the Lombardy Plain. An international crossroads of cultures, skills and styles which artists and peoples from all over Europe contributed shaping.



“Strolling around Milan is an amazing experience”



You 'll be struck by imposing monuments, romantic old trams driving though the narrow lanes, beautiful aristocratic mansions next to little cafés and cool restaurants which make of Milan the place where the past and future meet together and where beauty is always at hand.