1. The gems of Milan

Top attractions walking tour

This tours covers the must see of Milan which are concentrated in a small traffic free area. We are in the monumental part of the city where business and art mingle, past and present meet and every single corner exudes the very special blend Milan is made of. 




The Duomo, the amazing marble cathedral, standing to its incredible size in the middle of a crowded and stylish square. Created by the labour and imagination of international artists, the building celebrates the cooperation of international workers, Christian and Jewish artists who dedicated their skills and energy to the greatness of Milan. In the interior, Sequoia sized pillars rise from a coral reef colored pavement supporting the structure, shining stained-glass windows depict thousand of stories and 15.800 pipes equip the second biggest organ in Europe. The nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, covered with metal and glass vaults, designed in 1878 by a young and brave architect for housing shops, cafes and sheltering Milanese from the rainfall. The first Prada shop was open in here as well as Davide Campari started his business in the famous and extraordinary art Deco style cafe. La Scala Opera House, “The Theater”, as Maria Callas used to call it, stands in the middle of the financial district, where business people pass by travelers, music artists, shopping lovers and art admirers. 

This is an absolutely disabled friendly itinerary


Extra costs: 

– Ticket for the Duomo eur 3,00

– Eur 2,50.per person for renting ear whispers IF THERE ARE MORE THAN 4 TRAVELLERS and they wish to have a guided tour in the interiors of the Duomo.

– Eur 9,00 per person as admission fee into La Scala Theatre.


No shorts, no bare shoulders (no tank top or spaghetti straps tops) – knee high skirts and Bermuda shorts, T-shirts are OK. If you are not wearing the appropriate attire, then stuff a thin scarf in your bag that you can pull out and cover your shoulders/knees with.

No bulky bags, glass bottles, sprays, canned drinks, knives.




Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

La Scala Opera House and the Museum or

Sforza Castle and its courtyards


Duration: 3 hours

Price: eur 230,00

Transportation: it’s a walking tour

Note: admission booking to thr Duomo is mandatory


The Duomo
Coffee sipping with tarts