5. Jewish life

Hebrew identity and culture experience

Discovering the highlights through the eyes of the Jewish communuity



Since Milan is an outstanding example of cultural diversity, integration, and inclusion, every building and city corner gives us evidence of Jewish life. Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Benè Romi/Italkim – one of the oldest Jewish minhagJews from North Africa and Middle East with their a variety of edots elected Milan as their home and integrated in the city vibrant social and economic life. No ghetto, no hidden synagogues, no abandoned cemeteries, Milan is an anomaly for the Italian community. Not distant from the Duomo, the magnificent Temple decorated with golden and blue mosaics, gives visibility to Jewish faith and pride as well as the imposing tombs in the Monumental Cemetery.

The Shoah Memorial, designed in the basement of the Stazione Centrale, where 900 Milanese where deported from, preserves the original rails, platforms and “cattle cars” used for the annihilation.

My suggestion is to visit the city Highlights and discover the Jewish contribute to the history of the city.



Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

La Scala Opera House and the Museum or

Sforza Castle and its courtyards

Duration: 3 hours

Price: eur 230,00

Transportation: it’s a walking tour

the Duomo, the marble giant
La Scala Opera House
Camparino in Galleriacoffee bar
the central synagogue
Menorah in the Monumental Cemetery
(NON IN USO) Cattle cars in the Shoah Memorial