The Canals of Milan, artists' courtyard
Art and passion
Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, Milan
...the way of life of the mighty old Milanese aristocracy...
The settings
Shop window in Brera, Milan
...tasting a delicious gelato and diving into culture...
The Tresure in Monza
The Marriage of Queen Theodelinda in Monza extremely rare collection of Langobard jewels...

About Us


Valeria Zulbati



Valeria Zulbati


I was born and brought up in Milan and I’ve been working as a professional city guide since 2004. English and German are the foreign languages I can speak fluently; literature, history, and art are the main subjects I’ve studied in my life. Over the last few years I have taken lessons in Mandarin focusing on Chinese literature and culture as well but, I guess, I won't ever be able to guide in that puzzling language!


Anyway my deepest passion, since my childhood, has always been painting. I trained as an editorial illustrator and before starting my career as a tour guide, I worked for Italian magazines and animation productions.

Watching movies and cartoons is my main hobby as films look to me like really “living, talking picture books”.


What's the best way of combining love for art, culture and people? Working as a city guide, organising tours and cooperating with a team of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.


I'd be really happy to share my love of art with you!