Navigli Canals at night
Dreamy interiors
Private court garden in Milan
...extravagant and sophisticated dynasties ...
Reflections of beauty
The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael in Brera, Milan
We'll enjoy one of the finest art collections in the world...
The roots of Milan
Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Milan
... the roots of Christianity and tollerance...

The Millenary Tour of Milan

Water and skyscrapers





Stepping on the Time Machine.


When you exit the subway you'll face the Vertical Garden and you won't believe what you see! Flowering trees growing out of balconies at unbelievable hights turn the 2 towers by Stefano Boeri into a post modern paradise. It seems the inhabitants don't feel the need of getting out of their apartments as they have all the comforts, besides, trees and grass are growing almost in their lounge.

If you turn your head, your attention will be cought by the Unicredit buildings jutting out of an elevated square dominating the district. They remind me of shining cocktail glasses on a tray but you don't have a clue what you are going to discover once you step out of the escalator … the square reveals to be a water pool and the shiny skypscapers fell like growing out of the water. The near by Corso Como is one of the smartest and characteristic promenades dotted with cafes, restaurants and boutiques, ideal place for the “aperitivo” or for a relaxing walk.

After few subway stops, we'll turn up at Saint'Ambrose Basilica, where the warm brick stone portico will wellcome you into the deep roots of Christianity. Built in the 4th century the “Church Mother”, as Milaneses call it, conceals ancient mosaics and a golden alter.

The atmosphere completely changes when we'll get off at the Canal District. The traffic free area, alongise the waterways, is dotted with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and it will trigger your imaginantion figuring out the way Milan used to look when it was completely navigable. After the long intense escursion with your guide, it is good idea having a short boat trip (50 min) for elaborating the information and relaxing before a good dinner with Milanese cusine