The Duomo of Monza
Dreamy interiors
Private court garden in Milan
...extravagant and sophisticated dynasties ...
Reflections of beauty
The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael in Brera, Milan
We'll enjoy one of the finest art collections in the world...
The roots of Milan
Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Milan
... the roots of Christianity and tollerance...


A distinguished neighbouring town



The Duomo of MonzaThe Marriage of Queen Theodelinda in Monza
The Iron Crown, Museum of MonzaGolden Cross, Museum of Monza



Monza is so attractive that it would be a real pity to miss it! 


When you Google the city name i the Grand Prix appears on the screen but Monza is really much more than that. While strolling along the narrow streets of this charming and refined city you'll suddenly bump into the imposing Duomo, a jewel of Gothic architecture unveiling the memory of the Langobard Nation. Erected by Queen Theodelinda, a far-sighted Germanic monarch, at the end of the 6th century, it holds “The Treasure”, an extremely rare collection of Langobard jewels, as well as the Iron Crown used to crown the kings of Italy for over a thousand years.


Duomo Museum 


Duration: 3 hours with meeting point in Milan
Price: eur 210,00
Transportation: It's a walking tour on the spot, train or rented car for the transfer