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On the Path of Leonardo da Vinci

The life af a very special person



The Sforza Castle of Milan, courtyardSanta Maria delle Grazie Church in Milan
The Last Supper by Leonardo da VinciPainting detail by Leonardo da Vinci




We'll go back to the Renaissance age, follow the steps of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan and admire his works



Let's follow Leonardo's footsteps, fly back to his age and try to identify with the life of the Renaissance genius who elected Milan as his new home city and spent 25 years of his life here.

The tour will start from the Sforza Castle, the imposing residence of Ludovico Sforza - Duke of Milan and major commissioner of Leonardo’s work - where we'll try to imagine the gorgeous life style of the court the master executed most of his works for.


The Castle Museums are where we can still see the brushstrokes of Leonardo decorating the Sala delle Asse, admire the beautifully frescoed rooms, the collection of fine steel armour and the touching Pietà Rondanini - the last unfinished sculpture by Michelangelo, who was one of the brightest stars of the Renaissance scenario.


Eventually we'll discover The Last Supper (PLEASE NOTE: IF TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE), which has been declared as world heritage by UNESCO, and is one of the most famous masterpieces in the world and reveals the Maestro’s style and spirit.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: eur 210,00
Transportation: it is a walking tour


Pls note:

this tour can only run if you have already reserved admission tickets for The Last Supper unless you accept to make a visit to an alternative spot