4. Hidden Treasures

Art Nouveau Architecture and secret places

An off the beaten path itinerary in silent court gardens


The Milanese are famous for their stylish, understated elegance and showing off is considered an unbearable lack of good taste. Their private and reserved nature is visible if turn your eyes upwards and focus on the flowers and tree branches jutting out of luxuriant green roofs.

More treasures, fountains, statues, rose gardens, wisteria archways, flamingos gently stepping into water pools is what you find in the quiet and secluded court yards hiding behind the city gates.


this tour is open and will be fully customized to meet your wishes.

We’ll enter public and private properties in the city center and other districts.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: eur 230,00

Transportation: it’s a walking tour

wisteria garden with coffee shop
flamingos in a city garden
silent corner beyond wrought iron gate
Art Nouveau figure on a city gate