The Duomo

why milan?

Just because it is stunning place. Crossed by narrow lanes with rattling streetcars and lovely backstreets, Milan is a sparkling mix of historical buildings, postmodern towers, shops, coffee bars and stylish people rushing by.

silent gardens in the back yards

about my tours

Tours have been designed to cover city districts, focus on particular aspects with special attention to different needs. I usually use public transportation but if you rather have a driver, I’ll supply one. If there are special interests, children, elderly or disabled traveler, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll customize a memorable plan together.

Milan is everything and its opposite.

il Marchesino Coffee Shop



It is the economic hub of Italy, one of the biggest stock exchange markets in Europe but, at sun set, the atmosphere suddenly changes… and it becomes the ideal place for a boat ride along the Canals just before dining under a wisteria pergola. It is an education center with extraordinary multicultural universities and research centers creating cutting-edge technology but what happens if you are not in a hurry? If you are not running late for a busness meeting and slowly walk the city you are mesmerized by the undeniable beauty of shop windows and natural elegance of Milanese people.

Milan is the capital of the fashion and design industry, the fussing business city with 3 airports and fast train lines which beem you up to any destination in Europe but when you sit at table for a food experience … it is an endless delight of genuine, tasteful dishes and wines.


court garden and coffee bar

Tours are for small groups or independent travelers and the price includes:

-my service as professional licensed tour guide

-skip the line booking and all the reservations required.

What’s extra

Entrance, transportation, admission fees, food and drinks.

For groups larger than 10 people please contact me for pricing and arrangements.

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They say that the Cathedral of Milan is second only to St. Peter’s at Rome. I cannot understand how it can be second to anything made by human hands.”

Mark Twain